Airline Security

Airline Security

The recent upsurge of global terrorism especially on airlines and their operations, Aviation and its installations; Our company has trained its security officers proficiently in the expertise of combat and safeguarding all Aviation installations from unauthorized interference. We also guarantee the highest standard in all aspect of safeguarding Aviation installations by ensuring the requirements of (ICAO) are applied at all times.

Our company has been built up by a group of professional and experienced people with knowledge in the relocation industry. We have associated with several international global agents who are certified to handle your clearance and delivery of goods to various destinations.

We strive to provide the highest possible customer service to clients and this is why we have most of our customers through recommendation.

We Provide

- International & Domestic Removal Services
- Office Moving
- Relocation Services
- Vehicle Shipping
- Storage Solutions
- Commercial Logistics

Planning your relocation is an important step to a positive experience. Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge to provide you with various country regulations, prohibited list of goods, possible extra charges to consider when moving to specific destinations which help to set the right customer expectation. There are no surprises in the end when using our service which is what sets us apart from others.

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In Air Swift Delivery Services Company we reach our clients around the globe from a primary source

In Air Swift Delivery Services Company we update our clients and their destination in real time of every step we take in sending their packages

Because of our company capacity and our determination to serve you better, transportation and freight process are like mare formalities


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